Monday, September 03, 2007


Time to stop pondering and start doing.

I am an artister, my work is artisting, as often and as much as possible.

Real life is analog, a messy business if done right.

An oldish quote from Wes Modes which resonates quite strongly these days:

"Without connecting people to people, the Internet isn't worth shit. A bunch of machines up-on-high presenting static information to us little people down below. More machines in our lives, taking us one step further from the world of love and life and work. The real world. Remember that one? The world full of joy and pain and dirt and unexpected surprises."

Reaching a harmonious agreement with the tools and making more stuff, that's where I'm heading...

Look thru the ether window, follow along, and join in if you're so inclined...

ciao all, be well and stay in touch. I'll see you on the flip side.