Sunday, April 30, 2006

Slow Sunday Afternoon

What to do when you blog about daily living, when daily living isn't offering up anything that's bloggable, or at least so mundane as to facilitate a snorefest? There's plenty happening (good) and as always lots of questions (also good) but as far as having something to show or talk about, not so much.

The weather has regressed to late winter for the moment, I just realized this morning that the next 12 days will see me at the day job without a break and later hours. Added to that, I have to report for jury duty Monday, which means if I'm picked, the days will be spent there as a component of the justice system, and the evenings at work trying to keep the wheels from falling off that wagon. I fear this will leave little or no time to work on projects, blog, or read. Warning: all work and no play makes the Ponderer a little grumpy.

So, projects interrupted, potential fun postponed, and my little old erratic way of living subject to a lot of stuff outside of my control. Oh well, whatcha gonna do? Me, I think a nap is in order. But before I go, I'm fixated on that word "mundane" and it made me think of something, and I'll share it with you in order to make this entry worthwhile:

" Transforming the mundane into the atypical requires eloquent roughness, directness, and intrigue. There is value in tensioning the familiar with the unfamiliar, in reducing form to its essential elements, in pursuing an understated palette, and in creating a sense of incompleteness. Pottery as art is an insistent challenge that must skirt the opposed shoals of mere reassurance and fetishized ritual." (Warren Frederick)

I know Warren, and am certain he'd willingly agree that this position and statement would encompass much more than the art of Pottery, in fact, would include the making of things with any media. He actually has a book on the subject, "Transforming the Mundane" available here.

See? I did manage something productive and for that nap....

Have a great afternoon!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

On the road...

At least for the day. Going over the mountain, cross the river, down the hills and into the nearest city for an errand day. Back soon.

"Hitch up that there mule, and make sure we's got plenty of travelin' vittles, cause we're a goin' to town, and need to make it by nightfall..." Something like that.

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Recreation, Small Ponderings edition...

Good evening boys and girls...

The fog and cool gave way to bright sun (but still cool this afternoon) A perfect afternoon for a day away from work. Oh, there was a cornucopia of activities to choose from! I could work on the sculpture I started the Tuesday, go up in the woods and build another rock sculpture or two, or just ramble around in the hills, or bring out my stuff and work on a painting, or go make clay, so many wonderful choices. Or, I could do this (which obviously I did):

Ready to wrestle with the mocking demon tree

Headway made after a few hours

Sorted by split and not split, already thinking about next winter and its not even May yet!

So I got a start...the heavy work lays ahead. The big honkin' thing is about 100' long of gnarly bad attitude and 30" in diameter. But I'll nibble away it it, with little baby steps (and a sharp blade!)

This is the life of a working artist in these hills. A lot of work, a little art. And now it's dark and the Ponderer is tired. But the demon tree??? I have it's attention.

Have a great evening!

Yeah, it's cold and foggy, but so what???

Gotta keep on the Sunny Side!

Have a great morning!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Fog of Life

These are pictures from this afternoon about 3pm, unedited. Yes, it was this foggy, and the same picture could have been made at 8am or 8pm. But I actually don't mind the fog much, it's kind of mysterious, and it suggests other you could disappear in it, hide in it, be swallowed up by it, get lost in it...much different than daylight.
At any rate it was a coldish bundle up day, strange after all the warm weather, and that it changed that fast. But that's the mountains for you.

My trip over to see my friend was great. I spent a good part of the day there. We have good conversations, and both of us are interested lately in taking a look at the darker and edgey aspects of art and how people respond to the acknowledgement of things imperfect, rough, coarse, vulgar, aggressive, and impolite. Not from the aspect of shock value, but from the point that everything/everybody has a dark side, and why do we repress it, or deny it? Also, just the accepted standards of beauty and the refusal to see imperfections as beautiful. We tend to be in agreement that the dark/shadow self is very powerful, wildly so, and that if a person can be in touch with that and harness it, great things could happen. But left to run wild, things can go awry quickly. An interesting thing to ponder. I have some images of his work, but forgot to ask if it was ok to blog it, so I won't do that until I have permission. But it was an educational afternoon, and he reviewed my work of late and gave me some desperately needed input, most of which consisted of "make more, don't stop, don't think, don't analyze, just do". So I will.

The fog has slowed me down, and it's already good and dark. Plus the thunderstorms are rolling in, lightning and all that, so it will be an early night. However, I DO have tomorrow mornings post in the works and am so excited! Stay tuned for an audio clip guarenteed to get you up and about, fog or not!

Have a great evening!

Keep on the sunny side...

Cold and rainy out today, I worry about the hummingbirds. They sit at the feeder looking a little ragged, makes me want to get little hummingbird sweaters for them.

I'm heading across the mountain to go visit with an artist friend this morning who has some new (and edgey) work. Should be fun and educational.

Clouds, rain, cold. Phooey on that! Gotta keep on the sunny side!

Soundtrack to come later, have a great day!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

News Flash: Small Ponderer makes Stuff

It was a good day, better than most. For all sorts of reasons. One was that I got to make stuff all afternoon. The others, well, sometimes there just aren't words. This was a day that makes me think I need to invent a new vocabulary.

Hope everyone is well. And I wish you all a day that felt like mine. Not perfect mind you, but oh, I got a glimpse...

Have a great evening!

Monday, April 24, 2006

R & R, Small Ponderings Style

It's been a long work stretch and I'm tired. So I decided to treat myself to some days off, and replenish for the end of the session, and the beginning of the summer which runs full-on non-stop. So I had some idea I'd take a little road trip down to see the parental unit, and then maybe up to DC for sushi and martinis. But the reality is I don't feel like all the driving, gas is cost prohibitive, I'm fundamentally lazy, and I have six months of life maintenance staring me in the face (ie: fire wood to cut, meadow needing mowed, gates needing built, yadda yadda).


Today I drug and stacked limbs from all the deadfall that happened over the winter. (ok, not all of it, maybe half of it, so there's more to do). Also, extracted some dead mountain laurel :^( and got rid of it. Pulled down all the woodpile tarping, cleaned, folded, stored. Whipped the back doggie yard into shape. Walked out, scowled and stared at the demon tree that mocks me. That for another day, maybe tomorrow. Went down into town, scouring junk places for metal to build a gate with. No luck. More picking up, throwing away, etc. Grunt work, but hot and sunny and it's good to be outside and away from people.

So I'll spend my R&R week doing more of the same. Wanting to make some stuff, but have a hard time focusing on that when so much else is pressing. I guess I'll make my own martinis in the evening and eat catfish instead of sushi. One does what one can with what one has...

Oh yeah, other good things...going to hang with my mentor one afternoon, and let him provide me with guidance and wisdom about my artwork, and then on Friday I'll be working all day with on my video documentary project with Joe at Mountain Gardens.

Pictures of Spring on the hill, I'm SO happy it's here.

I know you can't see them but there were like a million butterflies working in these azaleas....

the first bearded iris

old people call this a money plant, it's a harbringer of prosperity. I'll keep photographing it during the spring and summer and maybe you'll see why. (plus, could we all use a little prosperity???)

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Just in from a long work day, behind on blog writing/reading. Head spinning with a 1000 ideas, body demanding sleep. Wanting to read what my friends are up to, but eyes heavy and an early wake up tomorrow. But back to normal routine soon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

(and I'm STILL stoked about the hummingbird, can't believe how lucky I am sometimes...)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wednesday Evening Blog on Thurs Night

This is about how the week is going, jam packed full, of many good things, and then the few annoyances necessary for contrast and to remind us to appreciate the good stuff.

So, here is something really cool that happened to me yesterday afternoon:

Yup, that is my hand. Yes, that is a LIVE female hummingbird in good health. And finally, most miraculously, I had the dcam in my pocket!

The planets were most certainly in alignment.

I went to one of my little buildings to get an unsold birdbath out to fill for my fine feathered friends that are all about. I had the camera in my pocket because a bit before I saw 2 pairs of red breasted grosbeaks at the feeder and was trying for a picture to post, but no luck, they're still a little skittish this early in the year. Anyways, there was this little hummingbird in the building where the birdbath was, fluttering against a window trying to get out, apparently confused. I had the door opened but she couldn't/wouldn't find it, and I was afraid she'd hurt I thought I sort of guide her that way with my hand. Except she wouldn't go, fluttering madly against the window so i Just put my hand over her and the minute I did she stopped. I was shocked, she let me pick her up and didn't struggle. amazing. I went outside, snapped the first pic excited as all get out, thinking it would bolt away the moment I opened my hand. But when I did, she just SAT there! It was amazing, she was so tiny and no weight, but you could feel her heart beating 1000 beats per minute. I was worried she was injured, but her eyes were open and alert. So of course I took another pic, with her sitting in my open hand. After that, she stayed there and let my pet her back a couple of times, only flying away when I gave her a little nudge from below. She flew into the nearest dogwood and scolded me loudly (well as loud as a hummingbird can)...or maybe she was thanking me.

I felt like I had been graced with some kind of magic. And you know what? A whole lot of other things happened yesterday, and today, that was as good as this.

Lucky, lucky me. I wish you all to have the same feeling tomorrow.

(ed. note: work is crazy for the next 48 hours so if there's no blogging its because I'm fighting the good fight...)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April Showers

Time is flying this week. Or not flying but crammed full. Work is way busy, and then trying to cram as much life in outside of it results in the days not being long enough, even with the extended daylight.

This morning a storm is coming down off the ridge...thunder, lightning. It will be a splashy Lucy walk I guess. The thunder is really rolling, I haven't looked at the weather to see if this is the tone of the day, but it might be, all this early heat often results in a day or two of storms to wash everything clean. I'll be sure to have my camera today, as I've become interested in the nuance of light, and the light right after a storm is beautiful. I've been taking a lot of pictures lately, hundreds, trying to teach myself about composition thru experience.

I saw Joe (my documentary subject) yesterday, walked around his place, where spring is literally bursting out all over. New growth, you can feel the energy in the air. I'm feeling it myself this year for the first time in forever- potential, possibility, kinetic energy, vibrations inside and out. Often finding it hard to sleep, cause I want to keep going and not lose the feeling of great things happening. But when I wake up the feeling is still there, so maybe I don't need to think about it so much, just do something with it. But I digress. Next week I hope to spend a couple of days with Joe and make some progress on his story. I'm even thinking maybe to stay up there overnight in the yurt. I find going to his place requires a gear shift, to a lower speed, and the longer I'm up there the more in tune I am to what he's doing and I can better see how to show it to everyone.

I'm kinda rambling, but that's the mood I'm in. Thinking a lot about time, and changes over time. Whole cycles, not just snapshots, of people, places, seasons, things. I find myself obsessed lately with rust and weathered wood. I have an idea of doing a sculpture of metal and wood, putting it up, then photographing it over time, watching it change, age, mature, weather, gain character, absorb and silent communicate its story.

Now it's raining steadily and the birds are singing. Waiting for light, and maybe the rain will let up. If not, I'll walk in the spring showers. And it will be wonderful.

Have a great day! Celebrate change.

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Blooming

It was hot and dry yesterday, then today was pretty warm too. Early in the afternoon the wind started blowing hard, clouds rolled in fast across the ridges, and we got a decent rainstorm, the first one of the spring. I drove home in the tail end of it, and I swear everything was greening by the second. I live at the top of our mountain and stuff blooms from bottom to top, and today was our turn. So a few pics of the dogwoods in full bloom. Hopefully we'll start seeing some flowers soon. For right now everything is emerald-y green and fresh and the air smells so good and it's hard to believe it can get any better.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

"Monday morning he woke up..."

Good morning.

A cool still dark dawn, rain scent on the air and birds singing already. This after a hot hot Easter Sunday. It's unusually warm and dry here, like it's gone from late winter/early spring to mid summer in a couple of days. And does anyone know how it is and why birds sing in the morning dark, long before the sun even thinks about coming over the ridges? It's actually a nice way to wake up. Between that and every door/window open in the house, it's almost like waking up in a treehouse.

So I worked yesterday, the school does a big community event potluck/egg hunt and it's a fairly big deal, people come from miles away. And since the weather was good, a LOT of people came. I wish I had taken some pictures of bonnets; it's amazing what people can and will do with $5 and a trip to the local Waldo Mart and enough time on their hands.

The day was way busy, and cleanup took a long time. Then I got home with life maintenance to do. So I don't have any good or interesting stories to tell (big surprise) but I did want to let everyone know this:

The hummingbirds came back, I saw the first one at the feeder on Saturday evening. This really makes me happy. I love the little things, and usually spend enought time out around their feeders that they become accustomed to me, and I can get very close to them. Last year one even perched on the edge of a faded red ballcap I was wearing!

I always have said that if small animals and little kids respond well to you then you're not all bad. So i took that as a good sign. Anyways, I'm really attached to the hummingbirds (do you know they migrate and return to the same feeder year after year? and raise their little hummingbird families in the same places, if the food and environment remain constant?)

So it's Monday and the sun's just peaking up over the ridge. It's gonna be hot, but there is that scent of far away rain in the air. I have a busy week, working every day till next Sunday because of various events at the school, but I'll try to find something worthwhile and the time to post it.

Hope everyone has a good day and a good start to the week.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday Morning on the hill

One could do a lot worse than being a Buddha sitting on a rock in a pool surrounded by flowers...

Have a great weekend! I'm gonna see how much sun I can absorb...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday on Pondering hill

A wonderful day here on the mountain, a taste of summer even. I only worked half the day at school, since I'll be working there Sunday for a thing. So this afternoon I did a couple of chores, made a little bit of stuff, took a long doggie walk, ate dinner, waited for the moon, which rose blood orange red and now is big and yellow in the sky. Had some agave nectar and watched a movie ("And Justice for All") and now shifting into nighttime mode. I'm working on a couple of projects, but might ditch them to sit outside and listen to the night. It's so warm and quiet, that would be pleasant to do. And no bugs!

A couple of sure signs we're into Spring:

The first offical Birkenstock day, Happy Feet!

bright sun shining thru the just ready to bloom dogwoods (the ones down below a couple of hundred feet are blooming profusely already)

hummingbird feeder out, they will arrive anytime now and I can't wait!!! In fact, if you missed it, here's some video of last years birds at the feeder.

Also, there were a lot of tiger swallowtail butterflies around today, but they were pretty happy being out of their cocoons and wouldn't sit still for a pic. So you just gotta trust me on that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. My tomorrow will be making making making who knows what, and Sunday back to work for a good part of the day. But as long as it's sunny and warm, it'll all be good.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday in Review

Perfect warm sun. Shorts and tee shirt yes, but passed on the birkis and wore tennis shoes, so as to not jinx to possibility that Spring is in fact here to stay. Work was busy, but not bad. Home at a decent time. Went in, got some stuff, had some time to make things. Which for some reason felt like they needed to be done in the creek. Yes, in, not beside, not around. So, down to the creek, prepared for frigid water, pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. Much splashing and wading. Took pictures of some of my clay stuff in said creek. Why ask why? To steal a phrase, "just do it". So, I did.

Long shadows start creeping, but it's still warm, and all these rocks around...well, I just couldn't pass that up. So a new installation: "A Creek Runs Thru It".

Wet, tired, hot, back up to the house. Fish and fresh asparagus on the grill, showered with lemon juice. Dee-lish! Two nice glasses of tequila, and the sunset. Nightfall, and still warm. Blood red moonrise. Some reading, some writing, a little music.

A Very Good Day, indeed.

Have a great evening!

"...sun's up, get your sausage, toast and jelly..."

wish i had the sound clip...

A NICE warm day coming over the eastern horizon...

1 shorts
2. tee shirt
3. no hat

Dare I say it??? well, YES!

4. Birkenstocks!

Have a great day wherever you are!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hump day on small ponderings hill

Well the sun came up and I got another chance to get it right and it was a good day.

Daily goodness?

1. Warm sunny springy weather
2. Work didn't suck too bad
3. New spectacles the better to see the world with (just lenses, not frames, though OH there were some oh so cool close fitting wraparound chunky frame black shades that I WILL get should I ever win the lottery. They made me look very hip and edgey, in a woodsy sort of way...)
4. GOLDFINCHES at the feeder this afternoon!
5. Nice mountain evening walkabout
6. Big-ass yalller (that's mountain for "yellow") moon up in the warmish night sky (editors note: this may result in excitability, loss of sleep, and subsequent morning irritability, but so what- you should see this thing!)
7. The first ceremonial double vodka three olive martini of the summer, in my wonky handblown martini glass from the 2004 martinifest at the school. (with hand-carved and oiled red oak toothpick, i'm sooo crafty)

Cheers, all!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Water as Metaphor

A good sized mountain river feels like an apt metaphor for my life. There's banks to sit on, sun and shade, rocks. Sometimes the water is deep and still, sometimes shallow and fast, sometimes deep and fast, and sometimes down to a trickle, more a stream than river. All of it is necessary to make the river what it is, and the key to getting along with it is how you flow with it.

Sometimes I don't do so well at it. Or I won't be content with what it is at the moment. It's not the rivers fault. It's mine, my perception. The river can be friend or foe. And it can change in a flash.

I need to listen to the river a little more, watch it a little closer, learn from it and groove to it. Maybe even sit on the banks occasionally for a picnic, or lay on the rocks in the sun and just be still.

I'm struggling with writing this, and I'm sure it shows. Lets just say in the last little while I've experienced the power of the river, and even been scraped along its bottom. But I haven't drowned (yet) and even got spit out up on the bank, hopefully a little wiser and a little more sensitive. I'm catching my breath, getting my bearings, finding my boat and paddle and watching the water in hopes I can learn how to move easily and fluidly with it.

Maybe I should change the name of this site to "Notes from A River". At any rate, I hope to be posting more consistently soon. Thanks for your patience.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I've believe I"m losing all track of time. The mundane details of daily routine, work and life maintenance are cresting, all other attention and energy is going towards making these "things" that I am driven to do. It's exciting and exhausting, and I when I sat to write about it here this week, my mind is whirling so fast that I can't grab the words as they fly by. All around and inside of me is this vibrant sense of growth, and for the past few days I am more prone to motion than stillness.

This was my morning. Images in my mind of eggs opening, cocoons bursting, unexpected surprises in hidden spaces. Signs, markers, cryptic messages and little glimpses of things at the edges- everything is pointing to something. I don't know what else to do but follow it and see where it goes. Some folks would say it's just Spring, but it's more than that, because I'm feeling pulled or pushed, not sure which, but definitely in motion.

And it feels good, like waking up. It's been a long time coming.

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wafting scent of brewing coffee musings...

My day job little closet office is right above our little coffee bar at school. In the mornings, when the students drift in for their morning caffe, the grinding and brewing of the magic bean (organic, free trade of course) is in full force, and I am enveloped by the aroma (if I'm at my desk, which I happen to be). And so, it pulls me down for a cuppa. Yum. It is one of the things I like about my day job.

Odd and apparently disconnected ponderings:

I am a half assed student of John Cage’s ideas on randomness and chance as an element of creative work. (Actually, I’m a half-assed student of a lot of things…) Cage’s main area of endeavor was music, and he had the idea of setting up or allowing possibilities for things to happen, and redefined his definition of music. I don’t usually care for the product (musically) but tend to subscribe to the theory creatively in my own work. So this morning I’m driving along, listening to Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s Ragged Glory at a fairly high volume, then fumbled around with the click wheel while not paying much attention, and suddenly was filled with the lush tunes of Bach’s Orchestral Suite Hogwood 2 (a delightful name but no link cause I'm so ignorant of classical music that I can't find one!). Now, that sounds like a pretty far jump, but it was actually really nice. I think the Neil Young enabled me to hear the Bach better or at least differently. Random chance…good result.

I wore shorts today; the wind quit blowing, the sun was out, I was hopeful. I think the temp started dropping as soon as I got out the door and it is going to snow tonight. Go figure, I’m a one man weather changing machine.

I’m not sleeping much these days, thus the lack of evening ponderings. Lots of ideas, lots of energy, lots of thoughts, all a-jumble and a-tangle. But good stuff, little to no murky darkness, so while I’m not able to corral them, they are bright and filled with what feels like to be good energy. Spring? The moon? Or just life changes? Who knows, the pendulum swings, currently on the up. I’m rather enjoying it.

We live in an area where things happen kind of casually. A couple of years ago, during a hurricane which came in as far as the mountains(!) our roof developed a leak. Intermittent, not too much to worry about, but getting more frequent. So, pennies started being saved.. I tried to find and repair, to no avail. Since the roof is steeply pitched, and requires special hooks and ladders to do it at all (never mind safely) I gave in and called a contractor (local and of good repute). A huge step for me, the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. I hate asking for or having to call for help. This was…3 months ago. This morning, they arrived, unannounced. By Monday, we will be poorer by far but with a new dry roof overhead.

I have my camera with me today. For some reason I’m in the mood to take some pictures of water. We have a lot of small rivers and creeks around, with pretty good flows and of course lots of great rocks. I feel a bit of a metaphorical inclination driving this mood, and it ties into the wind. Now I’m wondering how a rock sculpture in the middle of the creek would look, or a wind sculpture with moving elements, placed at the creek or rivers edge.

Somehow, all this fits together nicely in my head.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I am nothing if not flexible.

Clearly, I need to make friends with the wind. Obviously, it's not going to stop, or go somewhere else. I should record it to post here, but how much of a roaring train sound do you care to hear?

So on my mind this morning is how to view the non-stop blowing as an opportunity for exploration. Sailboat won't do (even though sailing away is appealing, there is no water around for about, oh, 400 miles), so it needs to be closer to home. A windmill and wind generator might be fun to tinker with, except they cost a LOT, thanks to the stranglehold of the american petroleum energy facist regime. And, being an artist that is responsive to my environment, I need something a little more accessible and closer to home.


I am a bit inspired by this. A new direction? Maybe. Stay tuned. The path of the Ponder-er is a convoluted one at best.

Off for a quick walk then to the day job.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And another sign of spring...

Howling wind all last night coming of the ridge. Couldn't sleep for diddly, all the noise and motion amps me up. Finally dozed off about 5 only to wake at 6:30, of course now in the dark instead of the sunrise cause we just can't quit screwing around with nature. Felt like I had been run over by a truck, and didn't much get out of second gear all day. But the payoff is in the long evening light, and the wind had settled down to a reasonable breeze. It would have been warmish if not for that. So, some time spent outside noodling around. Do you think maybe rocks were involved?

Yeah, probably.

So I had the intention of doing a long and thoughtful posting on something or another, but that's pretty much evaporated and now I feel like sitting in the cool dusk and listening to music, which is what I think I'll do. Gonna be cold-ish tonight, frosty I'm guessing. But tomorrow promises a hint of spring again.

Did you know the moon was easily visible in the eastern sky at 2pm today? For some reason I always like it when the sun and moon share the space at the same time.

Hope everyone has a good evening.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Appalachian Spring

How to tell it's here:

groovy little flowers poking up all around....

new moss around the tree trunks

dandelions, (greens and tea from greens steeped, great for your liver!)

Dogwoods in bud...


You get home the time is changed, the sun is out, it's fairly nice. So you go for walkies without a jacket...a half mile from the house, up on the logging land, the wind starts to blow a bit, clouds pile in, and it rains a downpour. So you slosh home the half mile down and up, change into dry stuff, and check the weather, and you see this:

Hello, Spring. (yesterday, 75 degrees, sunny, shorts only, shirt and shoes optional...)



Thunderstorms crashing down the mountain. Lots of thunder, lightning, some wind, intermittant hard rain, then stop. Spring. Wild and unsettled.

Workday ahead, trying to figure out how I'll be able to contain myself in those boundaries for the next hours. I am so in the mood to color WAY outside the lines!

Lines: in or out? What one color would you choose from your crayon box? And would your picture be realistic, or abstract?

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Heavier rocks, hotter sun. Time for siesta.

I'll probably return to a wider range of ponderings soon. This is not ALL I have on my mind...

Hope everyone's having a great day!

Sun Days

Up before sunrise, even though I was late late to bed. Mind is running like a tilt-a-whirl...if I had 3 of me I could really get some stuff done! So much I feel like making and doing, almost a frantic feeling. But in a good way.

When I hit the wall from the latest round of energy, it should be a spectacular crash!

Watched the sunrise, wrote, finished details on a project, watched a bit of an art biography video, did some drawing, walked, oatmeal, bagel, now this. Just riding the waves as they come.

It's sunny and already warm, I filled the birdfeeder, maybe I'll just sit outside and drift for a while...

Hope everyone has a great day!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The small ponder-er goes a honky-tonkin' (but is home by 10...)

The soon to be famous Brian McGee Band at the probably never to be famous Skyline Inn and Cavern Tavern...

Hope everyone is tappin' their toes this Saturday night. See you tomorrow!

A boy, a camera, a tripod, time, and an ongoing obsession...


No early post because I didn't linger before starting the day.

Layers being removed.

Going deep, for the first time in ages...

Have a great day!